Hanna Somatics (HS) Therapy

Hanna Somatics is a form of neuromuscular reeducation and movement training for chronically tight muscles and fascia that stay contracted and painful due to repeated stress responses. These stress responses can be caused by accidents, injuries, surgeries, repetitive tasks, and on-going emotional turmoil and can result in such common conditions as chronic back pain, neck-shoulder-hip pain, limited mobility, joint pain, poor posture, shallow breathing, TMJ problems, uneven leg length, uneven hip position, fatigue, etc.

Sensory motor amnesia caused by repeated stress responses prevent the body from remembering how to move correctly. New information is introduced via movement to help the brain relearn to help the body relax and move muscles properly. By using precise, and targeted body movements, Hanna Somatics enhances sensory awareness and helps the body regain and improve sensation as well as motor control of muscles.