Fluad – Dangerous New Flu Vaccine: Killing Seniors Just Like Our Service Members

Dear Reader,

It’s one of the most dangerous vaccines to ever hit your doctor’s office. nd every American over 65 is in the crosshairs.    The FDA has just approved a new flu shot from Novartis called Fluad — one that contains a special ingredient that’s supposed to jumpstart seniors’ immune systems.

But what you won’t hear from Novartis — or the FDA — is that special extra is an extremely dangerous “squalene adjuvant” called MF59. And sadly, it’s something we know a lot about already. Because thousands of American soldiers have already been the guinea pigs for MF59.  And those who didn’t die as a result are still suffering the consequences. 

A ‘biological weapon’

To hear the FDA tell it, squalene — the oil that the MF59 in Fluad is made from — is as safe and natural as a bushel of organic apples.  They even put out a press release calling squalene “a naturally occurring substance found in humans, animals and plants.”

Well, arsenic is a naturally occurring substance, too — but I sure wouldn’t want it pumped into me.

As I told you a couple weeks ago, when you’re injected with squalene it can set off a chain reaction that forces your immune system to attack your body. Just like it did to thousands of our vets who served in the first Gulf War.  Only that time squalene — or MF59 — was the secret (and unapproved) ingredient added to the experimental anthrax vaccine the troops were forced to take.

Experts now believe it’s the real reason behind the string of disabling conditions that left thousands of troops dead or chronically ill with Gulf War Syndrome and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).  The MF59 in the anthrax vaccine was so dangerous that former NBC correspondent Gary Matsumoto even called the shot a “biological weapon” in his book Vaccine A.  Now, that weapon has been turned against American seniors.

And trust me — the FDA didn’t approve Fluad because there was some type of new and convincing proof that MF59 is any safer for us.  Actually, Fluad was fast-tracked through the agency on its “accelerated approval” process. The FDA calls that a way to rush us beneficial drugs for “life-threatening diseases” based on a “reasonable” likelihood of benefit.

Reasonable? Just ask our veterans how reasonable it is to give a shot with MF59 to the masses. Based on what we now know about MF59, what’s reasonable to expect is more like a ticking time bomb inside your body. One that can cause arthritis, fibromyalgia, memory loss, ALS multiple sclerosis — and even death.

The FDA and Novartis like to tell us how Fluad was first approved in Italy. But no one has bothered to mention that 19 seniors died in that country last year within days of getting the shot.  And as far as Fluad being able to protect seniors so much better against the flu, well, even the FDA isn’t backing up that claim.

The whole purpose of adding MF59 to Fluad is to boost your immune reaction to the shot. But according to the FDA, the antibodies produced after a jab with Fluad were no better than another flu shot, one that didn’t contain MF59!

Let’s face it. The approval of Fluad was about money — and lots of it.  When MF59 is used, less of the flu virus is required in each shot. That means Novartis will save a fortune at the expense of our health.

Listen, I’ve been telling you for years what a dud the flu vaccine is — and how some years it’s failed for nine out of every 10 seniors who get it.  But if there’s one flu shot you shouldn’t let anywhere near your arm, it’s Fluad.

To Your Good Health,

Jenny Thompson