What If Everything Your Doctors Told You About Breast Cancer Was Wrong?

For years, scientists have known that mammograms are largely ineffective. Why can’t we get that message across?

Don’t look down. Therese Taylor repeats this mantra when she’s rising out of bed in the morning. Don’t look down. She says it when she’s standing in the shower. She says it when she’s brushing her long brown hair so that it hangs over the vacant space once occupied by her left breast. Don’t think about what you’ve lost.  She’s lost so much. Her breast. Her identity as a healthy person. Her uncomplicated sex life. Her faith in the medical profession.

Taylor has gained something too—a fury that’s uncomfortable to express when other women are dying from breast cancer and her doctors tell her she’s lucky. But when she thinks of the fear her three children endured and the months of post-surgical shoulder pain so sharp that she worried a tumor had invaded her bones, the 55-year-old Mississauga, Ontario, resident doesn’t feel lucky at all. She feels rage. Her doctors implied she had cancer and said that if she cut off her breast, she would live. Now she knows it was never that simple. Continue reading

Breast Cancer – Evidence be damned!

Dear Reader,

When in doubt, cut it out!  That’s been the breast cancer industry’s sickening mantra for years.  The moment a mammogram or biopsy turns up a tumor — or even abnormal tissue — you’ll have some mainstream surgeon in your ear promising that a lumpectomy or mastectomy will save your life.  He’ll even tell you that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

But a massive new study proves that thousands of American women are being needlessly disfigured and traumatized ever single year. All thanks to aggressive breast surgery that we now know won’t add a single day to your life.
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Health Basics – The Top 10 Causes of Breast Cancer (and Other Cancers)

Monday, October 14, 2013 by: S. D. Wells

(NaturalNews) Since chemotherapy was invented by Nazi scientists 70 years ago, and mammograms expose patients to radiation which causes cancer itself, let us forget everything we know for a few minutes about cancer prevention and cancer treatment, and take a common sense approach to this monster that’s killing over 750,000 people a year in the United States alone.
Western politics of toxic food and worthless medicine have besieged a 75-year-old scam on U.S. citizens, and the candle is burning at both ends. There IS A MIRACLE CURE for cancer, but it doesn’t involve surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, pharmaceuticals, or any advice you would get from mainstream medicine doctors. Continue reading

Mammography: Are There Pros, or is It Just a Con?

By Johnnie Ham, MD, MBA

Story at-a-glance

  • Breast cancer has become big business, with the lion’s share of the profit coming from routine mammography, which is touted as the best way to prevent breast cancer death
  • A recent study challenges the validity of mammogram screenings, concluding that mammograms have little to no influence in the reduction of the number of women who ultimately die of breast cancer
  • According to a 2011 meta-analysis, Continue reading

New 3D Mammography Significantly Increases Radiation Exposure, and Your Risk of Radiation-Induced Cancer

Story at-a-glance

  • Breast cancer has become big business, and routine mammography is one of its primary profit centers. Mammograms deliver ionizing radiation, which is known to contribute to cancer. “New and improved” 3D tomosynthesis mammograms still require mechanical compression and expose you to even MORE radiation
  • While mammograms are touted as the best way to prevent breast cancer death, studies do not support this claim. On the contrary, mounting research shows that routine mammograms harm far more women than they save
  • A recent study challenges the validity of mammogram screenings, concluding that mammograms have little to no influence in the reduction of the number of women who ultimately die of breast cancer Continue reading

Acknowledging the Toxic Effects of Mammograms

By Dr. Mercola

  • The Institute of Medicine is finally acknowledging the toxic effects of mammogram radiation as a significant factor in the development of breast cancer; just one mammogram can expose you to the radiation equivalent of 1,000 chest x-rays
  • Mammograms also carry an unacceptably high rate of false positives-up to six percent-which can lead to repeat screenings that expose you to even more radiation, as well as unnecessary medical procedures, including biopsies, surgery, and chemotherapy Continue reading

The Major Cause of Breast Cancer Almost Everyone Ignores

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  • According to the Cochrane Collaboration, for every 2,000 women getting mammography screening over the course of 10 years, just ONE woman will have her life prolonged. Meanwhile, 10 healthy women, who would not have been diagnosed with cancer had it not been for the mammography screening, will be misdiagnosed as having breast cancer, and will be treated unnecessarily… Continue reading

CAD Mammography Tool Fails, Causing Needless Tests and Stress

Widely used CAD mammography tool fails to find invasive breast cancer, causes needless tests and stress

Thursday, July 28, 2011 by: S. L. Baker

(NaturalNews) Computer-aided detection (CAD) technology, which analyzes mammography images and marks suspicious areas for radiologists to review, has been widely hyped and pushed on women as a way to insure invasive breast cancer is spotted on mammograms. And it has grown into a huge industry, adding millions of dollars to the cost of healthcare.  The problem is, CAD simply doesn’t work — at all. Continue reading

Why Isn’t It Called Breast Cancer Prevention Month?

Tuesday, October, 2010
by Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) Now that we’re in the midst of “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” — with all its pinkwashing nonsense at full tilt — it brings up the question of why the month is named an “awareness” month. Why not name it “Breast Cancer Prevention Month?” The answer to that question, it turns out, reveals a number of interesting things about the cancer industry that the general public isn’t supposed to know.

For starters, you’re only supposed to be “aware” of breast cancer, but you’re not supposed to actually prevent it. The whole point of this awareness month is not actually to increase awareness of breast cancer — virtually everyone is already aware of the existence of the disease — but rather to increase fear so that more women will go get screened for cancer. They should really call it the “Be Afraid of Breast Cancer Month.” Continue reading