How to Get Intravenous Vitamin C Given to a Hospitalized Patient: A Checklist 

1) Know before you go. It is immeasurably easier to get what you want if you contract for it beforehand. Prenuptial agreements, new car deals, roofing and siding estimates, and hospital care need to be negotiated in advance. When the tow truck comes, it is too late to complain about who’s driving. Same with an ambulance, or a hasty hospital admission. You have to pre-plan, and here’s how: Continue reading

Vaginal Steams

by Barbara Loomis, LMT, RES

The following information is for educational purposes only. 

*Herbal vaginal steams, also known as yoni steam baths, or bajos, as they are known in Spanish, or  chai-yok in Korean have been are used for centuries to treat many conditions including painful or irregular periods, endometriosis, infertility, fibroids, cysts, cervical stenosis, vaginal dryness and hemorrhoids.  The bajos have been used in conjunction with the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® (ATMAT).

How vaginal steams are believed to work:

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Five Crucial Skills to Protect Your Health From Toxic Chemicals, Dangerous Drugs and Medical Propaganda

by Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) You know why so many people suffer from preventable chronic disease in modern society? Because they don’t know how to protect themselves from a world that’s full of assaults against their health. Hour by hour, day by day, they are poisoned by toxic food ingredients, contaminants and additives. Continue reading

The True Cost of a Flawed Health Care Paradigm

Americans spend twice as much on health care per capita than any other country in the world; in fact, according to a series of studies by the consulting firm McKinsey & Co, the USspends more on health care than the next 10 biggest spenders combined:Japan,Germany,France,China, theU.K.,Italy,Canada,Brazil,Spain, andAustralia.

Other astounding statistics include:

  • TheUSspends more than 17 percent of our gross domestic product (GDP) on healthcare
  • If theUShealth care system was a country, it would be the 6th largest economy on the entire planet
  • While theUSmakes up only five percent of the world’s population, Americans consume over 50 percent of all the world’s pharmaceutical drugs
  • Overall, Americans also pay 50 percent more than other countries for identical drugs, as a result of laws and regulations preventing theUS government from reining in drug prices like other nations do Continue reading

Pioneer in Sustainable Agriculture Shares his Vision of the Future of Food

By Dr. Mercola   August 12 2012

I recently visited Joel Salatin at his Polyface farm inVirginia. He’s truly one of the pioneers in sustainable agriculture, and you can take a virtual tour through his various farm operations in the video (go to the http address above).  As a physician, it’s patently obvious to me—and I’m sure most of you viewing this–that the food we eat plays a major role in our health. As a society, we’ve strayed quite  far from our dietary roots and become so disconnected from our food sources that our health is now in serious jeopardy. Continue reading

Infrared Saunas Help Remove Heavy Metals & Toxic Chemicals

This Daily Habit Can Burn Heavy Metals and Toxic Chemicals Out of Your Body

By Dr. Mercola

Steve Benda is trained in power systems and nuclear engineering. Here, we discuss saunas and the electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) they can produce. While sauna bathing can be highly beneficial for your health, EMF’s are a distinct health hazard. Benda literally grew up in and around saunas, due to his Finnish and German heritage.

“The saunas were always in my family and they became part of our lives, so I guess I just had an early interest,” he says. Continue reading

Medical Tourism for Medicare Patients Can Save Billions

I was undergoing abdominal surgery at Akta Medika, a small private hospital in Sevlievo, Bulgaria.  I’m writing this from a hospital bed there right now.  Abdominal surgery is a serious matter, especially when it’s done to repair the errors of a previous surgery ten years ago.  So I didn’t come here just because it’s 1/20th of the cost in the US.  I came because it’s better.

I was born with a congenital condition resulting in an abdominal or “ventral” hernia which by 1998 doctors said had to be repaired.  Three years later the repair failed.  I went to numerous doctors in the years since, none of whom could explain what really happened or how this could be fixed for real.

Then two months ago during the TTP Business Expedition to Bulgaria (Good News From Bulgaria), I met Dr. Todor Hinov, founder and owner of Akta Medika.  His laproscopic surgeon examined me carefully, explained my situation and how it could be fixed as no one had before.  Laproscopic repair of such hernias was one of his specialties.

So here I am, everything went well, I’m recuperating rapidly and will shortly be as good as new – for a small fraction of the cost of what US doctors couldn’t do.  (Check out the Akta Medika price list to see what I mean.  1.5 levs=1$.  Yes, this entire procedure including private hospital room, medication, post-op care, etc., is costing me less than a grand.)

That’s not a putdown of American physicians – but it sure is of American medicine, so completely hamstrung by government rules and regulations, the nonsense of “third-party providers,” and protections of medical monopolies like the AMA:  the antithesis of free market medicine.  Yet if you think it’s bad now, wait until you see what Zerocare does to it. Continue reading

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