CoQ10 — A Nutritional Powerhouse for Mitochondrial Health

According to the industry publication New Hope, coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and the reduced version, ubiquinol, are among the most popular supplements for mitochondrial health.  Between 2000 and 2016, the number of Americans using CoQ10 increased from an estimated 2 million to 24 million, and the number of brands featuring CoQ10 has increased from 18 brands to 125.  This rapid growth suggests people are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of mitochondrial health, which is really great news.

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The Cholesterol Myth That Could Be Harming Your Health

by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Cholesterol could easily be described as the smoking gun of the last two decades.   It’s been responsible for demonizing entire categories of foods (like eggs and saturated fats) and blamed for just about every case of heart disease in the last 20 years.

Yet when I first opened my medical practice in the mid 80s, cholesterol, and the fear that yours was too high was rarely talked about.  Somewhere along the way however, cholesterol became a household word — something that you must keep as low as possible, or suffer the consequences.   You are probably aware that there are many myths that portray fat and cholesterol as one of the worst foods you can consume. Please understand that these myths are actually harming your health. Continue reading

The Cognitive, Sexual, Psychological, and Physical Damage of Statin Drugs

Dr. Duane Graveline, a family doctor with 23 years experience and a former astronaut, discusses the health implications of cholesterol, statin drugs, and coenzyme Q10.  Dr. Graveline has an interesting background that makes him particularly suited to speak on the topic of statin drugs. He’s a medical doctor with 23 years of experience whose health was seriously damaged by a statin drug. His personal questions brought him out of retirement to investigate statins, which he’s been doing for the past 10 years. Continue reading

Statins Damage Liver, Kidneys, Eyes, & Muscles

Byron J. Richards, CCN
June 13, 2010
The statin fraud continues to rage on as one of the greatest health frauds ever perpetrated on gullible human beings.  The latest study, published on the British Medical Journal website, followed over 2 million British statin takers for a number of years.  The data clearly shows that statin use caused liver failure, kidney failure, muscle failure, and cataracts.The higher the dose, as is typically pushed on patients to lower their numbers to abnormally low levels of LDL, the greater the liver failure.  Continue reading



Crusador Interviews Christopher Barr, Health/Nutrition Historian
October 9, 2009


1 Bottle Of “Whole Food Grown” Selenium Per Month For Every Man, Woman And Child Alive Would Be A Better Insurance Policy Than Anything The Government Could Ever Come Up With.

“There are some antioxidant nutrients as potent as selenium, but none of them function in as many areas as selenium, nor are they as easily available in the food supply or as inexpensive to obtain as a supplement. That is why I say that hands down selenium is unequivocally the most protective of all nutrients.”   — Christopher Barr

 This issue of Crusador is one of the most crucially important we’ve ever published because there are so many critical health issues all converging simultaneously. With the battle for health care reform raging throughout the country it is imperative that people learn more about selenium and whole food nutrients that offer our country the greatest hope for a better health care system instead of a Soviet style drug, cut, burn and poison system that the Democrats are trying to impose upon us that over 85% of the country doesn’t want.

 The truth is the health care reform they are working on is really just sick care reform and end of life reform (as in how to get people to die younger and quicker). There is absolutely nothing in either the House or Senate Bills about how to prevent or treat disease naturally using whole food nutrition, naturopathy, homeopathy or all of the other natural healing modalities readily available.  Instead of trying to run a broken trillion dollar a year sick care system, the real answer should be to put serious emphasis on disease prevention. Just think of the cost savings alone, not to mention the better quality of life so many would experience. Wouldn’t it make a whole lot more sense to have a healthy nation where diseases are prevented?

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Statin/Cholesterol Drugs for Diabetes? Mayo Clinic DEAD Wrong on Diabetic Recommendations

Researchers from North Carolina State University and the Mayo Clinic have developed a computer model that is intended to determine the best time to begin using statin therapy in diabetes patients to help prevent heart disease and stroke. According to the lead author, “The research is significant because patients with diabetes are at high risk for cardiovascular disease and statins are the single most commonly used treatment for patients at risk of heart disease and/or stroke.”

The new model incorporates patient-specific data. An established risk model calculates each patient’s probability of heart attack and stroke based on risk factors, such as their cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. This overall risk “score” is used to weigh the medical advantages of beginning statin therapy against the financial cost of the statins.

  Science Daily July 26, 2009

  Medical Decision Making May 2009; 29 (3): 351-367


Dr. Mercola’s Comments:

Statins, which are a class of drugs used to lower your cholesterol, are among the most commonly prescribed medications in the world, and I believe, one of the most unnecessary drugs there are.

This is one class of drugs that I am dedicated to sound the alarm about. We are actually in the process of seeking to replicate a campaign similar to what was done to raise awareness of the dangers of smoking, to inform the public about the dangers and combat the media fraud, deception and manipulation that causes people to believe otherwise. Continue reading

This Dynamic Duo for Brain Health

This Dynamic Duo for Brain Health

The drugs doctors use for diseases of your nervous system don’t work very well. And they probably won’t tell you that combining two simple nutrients could halt or at least slow the effects of two of the most common ones, Parkinson’s and Huntington’s diseases.

A new animal study published in the Journal of Neurochemistry shows that taking CoQ10 and creatine blocks the loss of dopamine in the brain (a hallmark of Parkinson’s disease), protects cell membranes (they leak with age), and reduces oxidative damage.

In mice with Huntington’s, it improved motor skills and even extended their life.  If the study results apply to humans, this special potion of nutrients and antioxidants has the potential to become a “dynamic duo” for brain health. Even if you don’t have these diseases, you can safely take CoQ10 (the ubiquinol form) and creatine (monohydrate) to protect yourself. Continue reading

Statin Drugs Cause Muscle Damage

Statins drugs, which are medications widely used to lower cholesterol, may cause structural damage to the muscles of people experiencing muscle aches and weakness. The damage may occur even when tests for a protein thought to signal injury are normal, and may persist even after statin use is halted.

About 10 to 15 percent of people taking statins report myalgia, or minor muscle aches and weakness. A smaller number have stronger, persistent pain, called myopathy. In a study, researchers biopsied leg muscle tissue from 83 patients: 44 were taking statins and had serious and persistent muscle pain, 19 were taking statins and had no myopathy, and 20 had never taken statins or suffered myopathy.

Biopsies showed that 25 of the 44 with myopathy had muscle damage. Continue reading

CoQ10 and Male Virility

Al Sears, MD July 28, 2009

I’ve just seen the research on one more thing you should know. Now, research shows that CoQ10 can improve a man’s sperm quality and sex drive.  Researchers in Italy divided infertile men into two groups. The ones who took just 200 mg a day of CoQ10 experienced significant improvement in sperm cell motility, the quality of the sperm cell.1  And it doubled the pregnancy rate over the men not taking CoQ10.

A number of studies have shown that, for the past 40 years, the quality and quantity of men’s sperm has decreased significantly.2 As your sperm count drops, so does your potency.

A major cause is the environment we live in. Chemicals in everything from the pesticides used in your food to the plastic in your water bottles and food containers find their way into your bloodstream. These chemicals, known as xeno-estrogens, act like estrogen in your body.  The result is a hormonal imbalance that leaves your body with less testosterone and more estrogen.  Bottom line: You may not be as potent as you should be.

What should you do?

So far, we’ve seen the amazing things CoQ10 can do for certain types of cancer and congestive heart failure. I recommend you take 50 mg daily of CoQ10 of the ubiquinol form. It’s 8 times stronger than regular CoQ10, which means that 50 mg of ubiquinol CoQ10 is equal to 400 mg of regular CoQ10. Plus, it stays in the bloodstream longer than regular CoQ10.

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Can This Supplement Cure Cancer?‏

Al Sears, MD

CoQ10 is the one supplement I take every day, without fail. New evidence of an even greater benefit is pouring in. And over the next couple of weeks, I’ll tell you about some of the amazing discoveries happening in CoQ10 research. CoQ10 is a powerful cancer fighter.

Researchers in Tokyo gave rats a carcinogen that promotes colon cancer. The rats were divided into three groups. One group was fed a regular diet. The second group got a low dose of CoQ10. The third got a medium dose.

The results were amazing.

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