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"I came to Leif with a lower back problem. Within three sessions he had eliminated the pain. I continue to see Leif regularly for his massage technique that improves my circulation and keeps my skeletal structure in line."

I have been a patient of Leif’s for 2.5 years and he is AMAZING! I originally went to Leif for a trigger point in my back that was causing daily pain that radiated down my arm for months I also had problems with my knees as well as neck. After seeing Leif twice, my pain had completely dissipated. I continued seeing Leif for maintenance and have felt great ever since. Leif is truly a magician with how he can listen to the body and intuitively connect the dots to heal  LOVE HIM!

Before meeting Leif, I thought chronic back pain would be part of my life forever. I tried everything available, and nothing helped. My doctor recommended surgery as a last resort. Leif was able to identify the issues causing the problem and the pain. I am now able to play basketball, and exercise regularly. The difference Leif has made in both my back and overall health is amazing. I would recommend him to anyone who is experiencing pain or recovering from injury.

"I would recommend Leif to all who are needing emotional and physical healing. As a single mom with lots on my plate, Leif brought kindness and understanding to every session and relieved my aches and pains. He brings an intuitiveness that leaves you rejuvenated!"

Leif has been very effective at eliminating pain for both my active, repetitive use sports injuries, as well as my injuries from inactivity (sitting in front of the computer and stress). He is a skilled body worker that offers effective solutions to specific areas of pain using massage, minor adjustments and education about posture and movement. I have referred many of my friends to Leif.

Leif Grunseth has been my Massage Therapist for over 22 years. My weekly appointments with him have been instrumental in helping me maintain my health by relieving the stress, tension and pain that builds up from long hours at a very demanding, high stress job. Leif is very proficient in a variety of techniques and has the ability to zero in quickly on the treatment that is appropriate at any given time. He is very knowledgeable and continually does research and training to stay current. I highly recommend Leif as your massage therapist.

I found Leif when searching for a provider that could perform lymph drainage massage. I have specific massage and health needs and have utilized different therapists over the last 15 years. Leif by far has the most expansive use of techniques that I have ever encountered. His therapies are uniquely tailored to each individual and from session to session. I have seen the most personal gain in my health since seeing Leif regularly. He is doing some cutting edge work and is always expanding his knowledge on healing the body!

Leif has really helped me. I first went to see him due to a reoccurring neck sprain. After the first treatment I could see a big improvement. It was even better than the treatments at a physical therapy clinic that my spine surgeon had referred me to the year before."I also suffer from sciatic nerve damage from a ruptured disk. Leif’s treatments have helped me there, also, and to get better flexibility in my tight back and hamstrings. This has really helped me with the snow skiing, waterskiing, hiking and bike riding that I like to do..."

After weeks of misery a co-worker of mine, Cory P., talked me into making the trip from Gig Harbor to Bellevue to see Leif . Man I'm glad I took his advise . My sciatica pain was so bad before seeing Leif that I could barely walk . I thought it was time to consider surgery . Chiropractic was not working . After two visits to his office I feel great . Thank you so much Leif. This guy really knows his business .

I came to Leif with a stress related neck and back problem. Leif’s massage was very effective in improving my circulation and mitigating the ache. His appointment session always starts with alignment checking and the carefully listens to my issue report. He then addresses the specific problem.I would recommend Leif to anyone who needs physical healing.